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  • Repetition is the key to retention. Repetition is the key!

  • Five (5 ) Levels with Thirteen (13) Types of Law
    A total of over 5,300 definitions.

    • Criminal Law
    • Torts
    • Contract Law
    • Civil Procedure
    • Wills & Estates
    • Real Estate Law
    • Law Vocabulary Builder
    • Business Law
    • Intellectual Property
    • Constitutional Law
    • Latin Law
    • Family Law
    • Customs & Trade Law

    $.99 per level 1-5

    $2.99 for ALL LEVELS!

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    With The Language of Law App, study over FIVE THOUSAND definitions anytime, anywhere!

  • The Language of Law, LLC™ (TLOL) was created to fill a specialty niche in legal education.

    Business Philosophy: Provide our customers with the highest quality product at an affordable cost that will enhance their knowledge of “The Language of Law”.


    Knowing legal terminology is the cornerstone for the successful study of law. Having the ability to quickly read and comprehend briefs and court documents is contingent on a clear understanding of the language of law. Flashcards have been used to educate for years . . . and we have taken this simple concept and turned it into an entertaining mobile application.


    To enhance your educational process, we’ve added special features. You will enjoy your favorite music from your song list, while you review the terminology slideshow. For heightened retention, we recommend music without lyrics, like jazz, classical or new age. Your new app will provide you with slide transition speed setting, background color choices, animation, shuffle and looping features.


    We’re big believers in the benefits of usability testing, user-centered design, and a strong user experience to ensure individuals can learn from whatever we’ve created. Your input and reviews will be heard!


    When you own the TLOL App, you will be notified of all updates. Some of the next contracted updates: Talking terminology; more definitions added to each existing level and new law segments, such as Internet Law. Look for more enhancements with transitions, animation and colors too.


    TLOL will continue to revolutionize the way students and professionals of law – learn and retain legal terminology. It’s a language all of its own!